We team up with DJ friends from around the globe to bring you eclectic musical goodness. New mixes added regularly for a refreshing audio experience. Just here for good music and beer
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#27 Duette Beer Mix - ROBBO

ROBBO: Cornish based DJ and often found playing atmospheric sets in dream coastal locations around the South West of England. Collector of Vinyl records and a fan of quality music both new and old. Promoter of good vibes, playing house music, to hip-hop and through to funk and soul, with a slice of reggae for good measure.
Mix Genre: Electronic, downtempo, Disco, Bossa and Funk
Après advice: "Relax, unwind and enjoy the chilled beats. Remember, the sun shines brightest after the storm passes"

#26 Duette Beer Mix - Messenga

Messenga: Pronounced with an 'a' not an 'er', Messenga is no postman, but he will sign, seal and deliver huge beats and stomping DnB sets. This Devon based DJ is the founder of Lateral Dnb, winner of the Playaz DJ Championships, resident of multiple quality venues. With a recent release on Hamburg's label Urban Wildlife, catch him across the SouthWest of England and Europe summer 2019.
Mix Genre: Drum n Bass
Après advice: "Place one foot, infornt of the other, then repeat at pace. Hold fingers in a trigger position"

#25 Duette Beer Mix - Dorney

Dorney: A DJ born and moulded in the diverse musical landscape of Bristol, England. An upbringing on Zeppelin and Bowie, a maturing on Hip-Hop and UK Rave, he took these foundations and soon made parties start and people dance. He is committed to the intimate knowledge of musical genres, of which he uses as ammunition to deliver mercurial and dynamic audio experiences on radio waves, dance floors and festival fields.
Mix Genre: Disco, House, Breaks, Techno, Electro
Après advice: "Don't eat the yellow snow"

#24 Duette Beer Mix - Bobby Lost

Bobby Lost: A surfer and serious lover of music - spinning has taken him on a journey through festivals playing in front of 10,000 party faces dressed as spacemen, from Dublin to Delhi, Brazil and Canada and alongside the likes of Fatboy Slim, Rob Da Bank and more legends of the game. With a series of UK and European festivals under his belt recently he’s been found catching waves around the UK and enjoying the rhythms of coastal life.
Mix Genre: Heartful House and Taoist Techno
Après advice: "Unclip, unwind, undo your mind"

#23 Duette Beer Mix - Crawford

Crawford: From the coast to the city, this caged animal of a DJ/producer frequently gets released behind the decks, delivering his infectious beats and energy. With festival sets including Glastonbury and the Masked Ball - his tracks have been championed by some of the world's top DJ's - This young surfer has an exciting path ahead, moving one beat at a time and from one crazy drop to another.
Mix Genre: House
Après advice: "Shapes are for throwing, not just for Christmas"

#22 Duette Beer Mix - Mabu Hi

Mabu Hi: UK native, Hong Kong based DJ. Often found gracing the rooftop bars of the city or the infamous junk boats and bringing good times to all. A surfer, who's alias 'Mabu-Hi' is a Filipino greeting, expressed as Mabuhay! Meaning 'Welcome' 'To Life' 'Live Great'..
Mix Genre: Electro House
Après advice: "There's no better way to celebrate a solid shred session than to get those feet moving left to right!"

#21 Duette Beer Mix - Lost Cove DJs

Lost Cove DJs: A collaboration between the Lost Cove Festival DJ crew. DJs united by their love of surfing, big beats, huge sound systems and good 'ol festival stomping. The Lost Cove can be found by those in search of a place to lose oneself. With DJs rising amongst the old farm barns, grain stores, pig sheds and tipis upon the unique Welsh coastline.
Mix Genre: Drum and Bass / Jungle
Après advice: "Get lost to find your own way"

#20 Duette Beer Mix - Fraser Gillan

Fraser Gillan: A skier, DJ and promoter about to embark on his first season in the Alps. Having developed a passion for underground music at university, he's immersed himself in digging for records from all corners of electronic music. Expect a risk taking approach to mixing, loose but threaded with groove.
Mix Genre: House, Disco and Garage
Après advice: "Give your ears to the tunes and mind to the mountain, everything else will just flow"

#19 Duette Beer Mix - Anna M and Bronx Cheer

Anna M and Bronx Cheer: ANNA M - DJ skills honed back in the late nineties with her love of everything from Disco to Techno. She keeps a low profile these days, just popping up to steal the limelight when least expect it. BRONX CHEER - AKA Tim Nice, a guru of audio across international dance floors, he is a true party starter and is known to lead the occasional rave revolution.
Mix Genre: House.
Après advice: "Find the music that makes you happy, then immerse yourself in that, everyday..."

#18 Duette Beer Mix - Xander Seddon

Xander Seddon: Fresh off his first season roaming the alps and Pyrenees, his genre spanning mixes combine a heavy brew of crate diggers,original productions and infectious bangers. His love for dropping cliffs is the only thing that can touch his love for dropping après bombs.
Mix Genre: Tribal, Tech and House.
Après advice: "The key to a good après is a committed avant and a powerful pendant"

#17 Duette Beer Mix - Weatherman Sounds

Weatherman Sounds: Straight out of the West Midlands of England, originally DJ'ing strictly roots and culture around the south west, now moving around the alps rinsing out bass line, hip hop, jungle and jump up for the true skankers and ravers in resort.
Mix Genre: Jungle.
Après advice: "If in doubt, rinse it out"

#16 Duette Beer Mix - Lusty

Lusty: Known for his eclectic sets at events such as Plastic Playgrounds in London and Hijacked Festival. A Snowboarder that can often be found spinning for Red Bull, he has also supported the likes of Toddla T, TQD and Boddika. Taking inspiration from the sounds of Steve Lawler and Chris Lorenzo with a love for house music. .
Mix Genre: House Music.
Après advice: "Make Piste, Not War"

#15 Duette Beer Mix - Duplex Sound

Duplex Sound: Rider of skis and owner of easily the cheekiest grin in the West, he fills the dance floor and takes it on a journey of discovery and delight. Earning his après stripes on the decks of Whistler, he is now a part time off-piste shredder, full time teacher and all time legend.
Mix Genre: Old School Hip Hop.
Après advice: "Ride park then après, not après then park"

#14 Duette Beer Mix - Raggamuffin

Raggamuffin: Her heart don't beat it skanks; A high energy, big vibe selecta from South West UK bringing dutty dubby baselines and soul skankin straight fyyah to her sets. A surfer, skater and snowboarder she plays alongside some of the biggest names in reggae with feel good unity and positive vibes.
Mix Genre: Reggae, Ragga and Dub.
Après advice: "You only regret the things you didn't do"

#13 Duette Beer Mix - DeluxX

DeluxX: DJ, promoter and tastemaker from Cornwall, England. DeluxX is a name synonymous with hot beats and next level parties, not shackled by genre he feeds off the crowds and the love of music.
Mix Genre: House and DnB.
Après advice: "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun"

#12 Duette Beer Mix - Bastie

Bastie: 22 year old surfers and up and coming DJ/producer from Devon, England. He appreciates the alternative beat and trawls the underground scene in search of his next musical fix. Currently working on an EP made up of homemade post-hood beats.
Mix Genre: Grime, Garage, Dubtep and Bassline.
Après advice: "Always skank in your Ski boots"

#11 Duette Beer Mix - Ant Durkin and Bronx Cheer

Ant Durkin: 15 years in house music and loving it, with multiple ski seasons to his name, this surfer and chef extraordinaire froths on spreading the joy of quality music.
Bronx Cheer: AKA Tim Nice, an International DJ and producer who has set global dance floors and festivals alight through his love of big sounds, house beats and creative overlays.
Mix Genre: House, Tech House, Tribal House and Disco House.
Après advice: "Embrace your inner dancer, however unique they may be..."

#10 Duette Beer Mix - Funkagenda

Funkagenda: A DJ, a producer and a visionary of the music world. His global success places him in our DJ royalty, but no crown for this English man, just timeless hits that have graced the world’s greatest dance floors and racked up millions of hits.
Mix Genre: EDM and progressive house.
Après advice: "It's simple, it's dance music, the instructions are in the name..."

#9 Duette Beer Mix - Nat Morel

Nat Morel: Snowboarder, DJ, wild child, born in the mountains of Whistler, Canada, her love for life and music has taken her around the world in the pursuit of those holy guacamole moments!
Mix Genre: Tech, Deep and Tropical House.
Après advice: "If you ain't drinking from your boot at some point, you ain't doing it right"

#8 Duette Beer Mix - Blank

Blank: Skate, snow and DnB addict from the South West of England. He spends his time perfecting his craft and experimenting with the deep and profound effects of bass.
Mix Genre: Drum and Bass / Liquid DnB.
Après advice: "Get loose as a goose! Your dance moves will improve with the altitude, probably!"

#7 Duette Beer Mix - Innate

Innate: Creator of Electronic leftfield beats and fan of intelligent music, he has spent over hald his life on the road skateboarding and exploring whatever the mountains back country has to offer come winter time.
Mix Genre: Tech House, Electronica and Nu Disco.
Après advice: "After a days shredding you best make sure your beats are on point"

#6 Duette Beer Mix - Nixon

Nixon: International DJ, rad producer and Ex Pro Snowboarder, he is a man of many talents having worked with global brands, athletes and events to bring his beats to the masses
Mix Genre: Bass, DnB and Breaks.
Après advice: "Surround yourself with good people, beats and booze"

#5 Duette Beer Mix - Wonka

Wonka: Snow and sleep enthusiast often found tearing up the decks of Mèribel in the winter or cruising around dropping beats and supporting acts like Hannah Wants, Zane Lowe and Toddla T
Mix Genre: House, Techno House and Disco House.
Après advice: "Remember, beer goggles + ski goggles = everyone’s a hottie"

#4 Duette Beer Mix - Tom Francis

Tom Francis: Snow and sea fanatic, Tom is the co-founder and resident DJ at The Lighthouse Project, Swansea.
Mix Genre: Relaxed, deep and melodic beats from Electronica, Indie, Deep House and Classics.
Après advice: "Soak it all in, where you are, who you're with, what you're listening to and what you can see. It’s not every day you get to be in that environment!"

#3 Duette Beer Mix - Neil Navarra

Neil Navarra: He rocks, he raves, he rides, he rolls.
Mix Genre: House/House Techno
Après advice: "Do it with a god father in hand, do it with style!"

#2 Duette Beer Mix - The Wedding Spinner

The Wedding Spinner: Known as Barracat, he likes his water frozen and falling from the sky or salty and pumping.
Mix Genre: A mashup of Funk, Breaks, Hip Hop, Bass and Tweets.
Après advice: "Turn up early, go home late"

#1 Duette Beer Mix - Duplex Sound

Duplex Sound: Real name Alex, he has a big love for the mountains along with his dedicated passion for music.
Mix Genre: Disco/House
Après advice: "Spray the first bottle of bubbly, then drink the second"

Beer tastes better with good music to accompany it, so make sure it's a good soundtrack.

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