Duette is our Sparkling Brut Beer, a drink with a purpose, to bring people together, celebrate and share.

A harmonious blend of specially curated yeasts exquisitely brewed in Bristol, England. Using high quality Champagne and Kölsch lager yeasts to deliver the fizz from any good champagne, the flavours and aroma from any quality Weiss beer and a crisp, sweet and refreshing finish. 


The Story

Many moons ago our founders Jamie and Nick met at a festival, two like-minded surfers who loved to challenge themselves and get creative. In 2015 they joined forces to launch a company that would bring people together through quality experiences, music and products, with the vision of launching a drink like no other, and they did just that. Joining forces with brewer, adventurer and flavour extraordinaire Will Davies, and taking over his garage in Bristol, England to begin their brewing journey, setting out to create a drink that would bring people together, in moments of celebration, and to be shared.

In Autumn of 2018 and after years of experimenting and refining, Duette was launched. The drink is produced in Bristol at the award winning Wiper and True Brewery who alongside Will, and under master brewer Michael Wipers watchful eye, brew Duette on the larger scale required, bigger than the original garage could handle.

“Duette, is our Sparkling Brut Beer, a drink with a purpose. We want people to come together, celebrate and share unique moments, achievements, thoughts, feelings, memories, food, passions, stories and more. We are committed to finding harmony in the best ingredients, the best people and our beloved planet. A Duette is the coming together of two beings to be greater than the sum of their parts, we believe in the value of these moments and have crafted a sharing beer worthy of them.”

Jamie and Nick, co-founders.


Whenever someone raises a glass of Duette in celebration, whether at a wedding, a graduation or just in honour of the weekend, we feel like we’ve made it, but we know this is just the beginning.

Duette is available nationwide direct from ourselves and we work with a selection of quality bars, restaurants and bottle shops as our growing network of stockists.


How its Brewed

Now this took some work, there are three different water sources in Bristol alone all delivering water at a different PH levels, that just step one, neutralising the water.

The first process is similar to many other craft beers, with a few tweaks of our own to give our unique flavour and makeup. We carefully select and sustainably source our ingredients, which Include our blend of Larger and Vienna Malt which are there balance to enhance flavour, colour and aroma of Duette. These are combined with German Hallertau Blanc and Mittelfreuh Hops, sugars, Kölsh and Champagne yeast.

The beer will sit in tank before fermenting before the last and final part of the process which is moving it into the bottles, where we add more simple sugars and yeast before corking and caging the bottles at Three Choirs, one of Englands oldest and most prestigious vineyards, and leaving to ferment until its ready to drink.


Brewing Duette is our commitment to cultivating something special and delivering a drink perfect for sharing and celebrating with. It takes hard graft, with a splash of creativity and the final result is our Sparkling Brut Beer. Not a single batch is brewed without everyone at the company being involved from start to finish. It’s always been a key part of our company for everyone to understand and share in each step of the brewing process.

Duette is bottle fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized. We want Duette to be as flavoursome and characterful as possible and enjoyed as we intended.

Stored upright, served chilled and in a Champagne Glass. 



11.5% ABV


Bottle Sizes

75cl and 37.5cl



Bottle Conditioned, Unfitlered and unpasturised



We didn't want anyone to miss out. Suitable for Vegans and Vegatarians


How to Enjoy

Enjoy with others, bring people together and share a bottle and the moment. Store upright, serve chilled and in a Champange Glass. Pour gently and as you would champagne.



Made with - Water, Barley - Lager and Vienna Malt which are added balance to enhance flavour, colour and aroma. Sugar, German Hallertau Blanc and Mittelfrueh Hops, Kolsh and Champagne Yeast

Tasting Notes

Taste is an individual journey, but expect the bubbles of champagne, the flavours and aroma of a quality German Weiss beer, with a crisp refreshing finish. An excellent sharing drink and an accompaniment to good food, with hints of stone fruits, pear, marzipan, dark caramel and zest in it's flavours.It's closer to a beer than sparkling wine, and sweeter than dry in taste.



As a triple bottom line company every part of the process and all of our products is carefully and sustainably resourced and executed. From the brew process through to bottles, foils, corks, cages and packaging. All is plastic free, resourced locally and recyclable. We have worked with Flexihex to develop their unique and patented recycled carboard, honeycomb packaging that is not only environmentally friendly but also better than any packaging we have found on the market.

A symphony in a bottle, a party if your glass, Duette is a celebration of harmonies.



Ranked as one of the best beers in Bristol and in England on Untappd beer rating app.



- Great Taste 2020 2 Star -

- World Beer Awards Silver -



Buy online or find it at a selection of fine establishments.

Jamie, Will and Nick on commercial brew day No.1 summer 2018